Vintage Zither Music Project

For the enjoyment of the zither community, hundreds of vintage sheet music selections have been posted. It is hoped that this repository will provide zither players and enthusiasts a venue by which to explore early compositions and arrangements for the zither. To help this project grow, contributions are certainly welcome.

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J. Fremont Frey Zither Compositions

This book of compositions, Solos for the Zither, has been kindly offered by Leslee Lindstrom. Published in 1919, this book of music was among the personal effects of her great-grandfather, zitherist Jacob Dugwyler. The composer of these pieces, J. Fremont Frey, of Indianapolis, Indiana, was a strong advocate for the zither and was elected Vice President of the American Zither Verband in 1913.

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Milwaukee "Alpenklaenge" Sheet Music

In 1942, zither players in Wisconsin came together to form the Milwaukee Zither Club "Alpenklaenge." For over half a century, the "Alpenkalenge" entertained appreciative audiences with popular favorites by Freundorfer, Wormsbacher, Reiter and many others. The following sheet music selections, kindly provided by Rudolf Mueller, are posted here to be shared and enjoyed by the zither community.

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Max Maier Zither Arrangements

Born in Germany, Max Maier immigrated to the US in 1877. He eventually settled in San Francisco, California, where he played the zither, taught and composed music. In 1884 he published Pastime for Zither Players, a book of arrangements for the zither. It is provided here for the enjoyment of the zither community.

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A. J. Paschinger Compositions and Arrangements

Originally a first violinist with the Johann Strauss orchestra, A. J. Pashinger developed a greater appreciation for the zither. He excelled on the instrument, playing the zither solo for Strauss' "Tales from the Vienna Woods" at its world premiere in 1868. A prolific composer, he is credited with over 650 original compositions and arrangements for the zither.

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Additional Resources

If you are searching for sheet music for your zither, World Sheet Music provides an excellent selection of zither music for both Standard and Viennese tuning methods.

World Sheet Music

The Library of Congress' Music for the Nation: American Sheet Music section has several archived pieces of early American zither music. To view this material, browse to the provided link.

Zither Sheet Music at the Library of Congress

Franz Berwein has produced a large number of arrangements for the zither that are currently available on his personal web site.

Franz Berwein Zither Arrangements

Do you have zither-related materials of interest to share with the community? If so, email or use the provided contact form.