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Whether you are learning the zither, are a current player or simply appreciate the sound of this instrument, a number of quality recordings are available for your enjoyment.

Jane Curtis has been involved with the zither for many years, as a performer, arranger, composer, teacher, and author. Her music is currently available from CD Baby.

Jane Curtis Plays Zither Music from Vienna
The Well-Tempered Zither
Music for Christmas, Hanuka, and the Winter Season
Jane Curtis & Deirdre Cochran - Alpine Dances

John Roeder is a concert zither soloist who has performed publicly for years in the Columbus, Ohio, area. He has restored and recorded on several antique model zithers, all made in America, as well as having built a new model instrument of his own design. These zithers are featured on 2 solo CD albums which he recorded and produced.

Cithara Americanum

Leonard Zapf emigrated to the US from Bavaria. He is an accomplished zither player and musical instrument repairman. As a musical instrument repairman, he provided valuable repair services for members of the Philadelphia Zither Ensemble for a number of years. On this recording, Leonard plays the zither and his son Lenny accompanies him with the stand-up bass.

Leonard Zapf - The Zapf's Leonard and Lenny play Zither and Bass music

Born in Munich, Toni Noichl has performed at major professional venues in the United States, such as with the Boston Pops, the New York Philharmonic and others. A master zither player, Toni Noichl has a number of folk and Christmas recordings which are presented on his personal web site.

Toni Noichl - Master Zither Player

Zither virtuoso Anton Karas began playing the zither at the age of twelve. Several years later he began to earn a modest income by entertaining in Vienesse wine taverns. It was in one of these taverns that he was discovered by Carol Reed who was currently shooting The Third Man. Anton Karas was commissioned to perform the film score and the rest, as they say, is history.

Anton Karas - Discography

In diesen Saiten liegt freude und leiden.
Rudi Knabl was born in Munich and began playing the zither at seven years of age. During the '30s, Rudi Knabl performed for numerous radio shows in Munich and Berlin. With the onset of World War II, Rudi Knabl was called for duty and served in Russia. He did not return until 1947. Upon returning, he continued his work composing and performing. Widely recognized as a virtuoso, Rudi Knabl was presented numerous honors by Germany and France, including the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, for his life long devotion to music.

Rudi Knabl - Available Recordings

Over his zither playing career, Alfons Bauer composed over 200 titles. He first started playing the zither at the age of 8 and in school learned the skills required to become a professional hat maker. After learning his trade, Alfons Bauer went on to study at the Conservatory in Munich. During the course of his musical career he sold over 1 million records, played with several orchestras and collaborated and wrote music for numerous other artists. Alfons Bauer is a 1975 recipient of the Hermann-Löns-Medaille.

Alfons Bauer - Available Recordings

Georg Freundorfer was initially trained as a brewer, but soon after his training he shifted his entire focus to music. Performing initially as a soloist, Georg Freundorfer eventually teamed up with pianist Bernhard Derksen. Through radio concerts and live performances, the musical relationship thrived, eventually growing to a complete salon orchestra. As talented as Georg Freundorfer was, he could not read or write music. In this regard, his relationship with pianist Bernhard Derksen proved especially fruitful for it was Derksen who would write and arrange the melodies as Freundorfer played.

Georg Freundorfer - Available Recordings

Sebastian Fichtl was born and raised in historic Salzburg, Austria. After his early lessons with the zither, he would go on to continue his studies under Professor Franz Brandlhofer, Austria's renowned zither virtuoso. Although he would later emigrate to Canada, Sebastian Fichtl continues to travel and perform extensively, exposing audiences from all walks of life to the beautiful sounds of the zither.

Home page of Sebastian Fichtl

Uwe Schmid completed his training as a certified zither teacher at the music academy in Trossingen. Since that time, he has become an internationally recognized zither player, teacher and lecturer. His musical activities include accompanying for vocal groups (e.g. the Eichenauer Viergesang) and playing in well-known folk music ensembles (e.g. Toni Goth-Sextett). With the "Zither duo Uwe Schmid & Georg Seidenspinner" he received special recognition beyond the borders of Bavaria. To date, he has 15 CD recordings and he continues to appear on radio and television.

Uwe Schmid - Available Recordings

The son of a woodworker, Hans Lanner received his first lessons on the zither at the age of 10. While performing for vacationers on their excursions, his talents as a zither player were recognized and would eventually draw the attention of the Imperial Family of Austria. The Archduke Charles Francis Joseph would later become Hans Lanner's patron and it was for the Imperial Family that he would later write a number of compositions.

The Zither Music of Hans Lanner

Since discovering her mother's zither as a young girl in Austria, the zither has been Lotte Landl's constant companion throughout life. In 1977, she was recognized by the Austrian government and received the 'Golden Cross of Merit' for her contribution to Austrian culture in Australia. Through numerous recordings and public performances, Lotte Landl continues to share her music with a worldwide audience. To learn more about Lotte Landl and to see her available recordings, visit her personal web site.

Lotte Landl's Zither Melodies

Johanna de Groot and Ilse Harris have been playing together as a zither duo for over twenty years. Their musical friendship has resulted in two albums of well known folk songs and popular favorites. To learn more about Johanna de Groot and Ilse Harris and to see their available recordings, visit the web site of Zither Australia Publications.

Zither Australia Publications

Kurt von Eckroth has been playing zither, as an entertainer, since the age of 16. A Wisconsin native, he learned to play the zither from a Bavarian immigrant, then living in Milwaukee. He has played with the Philadelphia and Detroit Symphonies and has also performed at the Amana Colonies, New Ulm, Minnesota and Milwaukee's GermanFest. For more information, visit his personal web site.

Zitherist Kurt von Eckroth

Tomy Temerson began winning awards for his zither playing as a youth. Recognized as zither virtuoso, he is also a highly regarded teacher and advocate, appearing frequently on television and in public to promote the instrument of his homeland. To learn more about Tomy Temerson and his music, visit his personal web site.

Zitherist Tomy Temerson

A graduate of the Richard-Strauss Conservatory in Munich, Gertrud Huber has entertained audiences around the world with her zither. Highly regarded as a teacher, lecturer and recording artist, she also fosters music in younger generations through her work as a national youth consultant for the German Zither Association (Deutscher Zithermusik-Bund e. V.) and as an examiner for the Association of German Music Schools (Verband deutscher Musikschulen). For more information, visit her personal web site.

Zitherist Gertrud Huber

Whether on stage or in smaller venues, Dr. William F. Kolb has been introducing the public to the sounds of the zither for decades. A skilled teacher, he is also actively passing on his knowledge and experience of the zither to a new generation. For more information on Dr. Kolb and his music, visit his personal web site.

William F. Kolb, "Doctor Zither"

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