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Simplified American Zither Method - Louise C. Taborsky

This zither method in three parts was written and published in the 1960s. It will provide the beginning student of the zither with the required basics, such as tuning, proper hand positions and seating. The author has also included numerous songs and exercises to reinforce the lessons conveyed.

Simplified American Zither Method - Louise C. Taborsky

Modern Zither Method - King Keyes

This zither method is posted here as a resource for zither players. The author of these tutorials, King Keyes, was a student of Alberta Krader and a member of the Los Angeles Zither Ensemble.

Modern Zither Method - King Keyes

Mastering The Scales and Arpeggios - King Keyes

King Keyes's book of scales and arpeggios is an excellent companion resource for his Modern Zither Method.

Mastering The Scales and Arpeggios - King Keyes

Method for Zither - A. Darr

In the late 1800s, the zither experienced a surge of popularity in the United States. Along with this interest came a need for learning material that would serve to build a solid foundation for new zither players. Carl Fischer Publishers answered this need by making available A Darr's Method for Zither in a dual-language ( German and English ) edition. A. Darr's Method for Zither contains music theory, right and left and exercises, songs and more. A valuable resource for any zither player.

Zitherschule - Adalbert Albrecht

To continue on with the basics and to graduate toward higher levels of aptitude with the zither, Adalbert Albrecht's three books for learning the zither are highly recommended. Players who can read German will benefit the most from these texts, but the material will benefit all players who can read music.

Zither Australia Publications

For those who would love to learn the concert zither, a great NEW book for absolute beginners is available. Written in English with a minimum of theory, this zither method will benefit those who do not have access to an experienced zither teacher. Included with the method is a studio quality play-along CD to show how each exercise sounds on the zither. Each one of the 78 exercises/songs is a separate track, with a one bar count-in to make it easy for the beginner to play along. The tracks have been recorded with the metronome to encourage “playing in time” right from the start. There are also two supporting videos for "Let's Start Zither" on YouTube: Lesson 1 and Lesson 2.

In addition to "Let's Start Zither," Johanna de Groot and Ilse Harris have published three books of zither duets with play-along CDs. These books -- 20 Great Zither Duets, Great Folk Songs from around the World and Heidegger Album -- consist of easy to more challenging arrangements of well known folk songs and popular favorites.

For more information on "Let's Start Zither," zither music with play-along CDs and additional resources for the zither, visit the web site of Zither Australia Publications.

Are you aware of additional learning materials that are specific to the Alpine zither and not provided here? Can you suggest learning materials that you found to be particular useful when learning how to play? If so, contact us.