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Here you will find information pertaining to the concert zither, an instrument with Alpine origins commonly associated with the German-speaking lands of Europe. The concert zither has an incredibly rich history here in the US. By providing a venue to share its history and music, it's hoped that interest will be renewed and new players will be encouraged to take up this wonderful instrument.

To grow as a resource, Zither US is seeking your contributions. Did you have an ancestor who played the concert zither? Do you play, or have you attended a recent performance? If so, consider sharing your experiences and knowledge with the community. For more information on how to become a contributor, contact us.

For the enjoyment of the zither community, hundreds of vintage zither arrangements and compositions have been digitized and published. Visit the page of the Vintage Zither Music Project to browse the current collection.

Getting Started

Are you interested in learning how to play the zither? Are you wondering how to start? Your initial challenge is to first locate a zither, find resources to help you learn how to play and then to instill playing habits that will help you to master the instrument over time. This article will attempt to address some of the initial questions a prospective zither player may have on where to begin. If you already play another stringed instrument, you will find that much of what you know also holds true for the zither.

Twenty-Ninth Sterling Zither Seminar

Zither players from Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey convened for the 29th Sterling Zither Seminar. The seminar was hosted and conducted by Jane Curtis at the Greenspring retirement community in Springfield, VA. This entry includes Jane Curtis's report on the event and the program for the zither pieces played during the seminar.


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